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Explore the creative universe of Launchdome through our extensive portfolio. Each project showcases our innovative approach and commitment to excellence. Our portfolio is a testament to the diverse range of industries we've catered to, each project reflecting our capability to adapt and excel. From intricate designs to large-scale projects, our portfolio is not just a collection of past works but a window into the possibilities and potential of your future exhibition stall with Launchdome.

Our Work

India's Premier Exhibition Stall Design Company - Trusted by 50+ Brands

Launchdome, standing at the forefront of innovation and excellence in exhibition stall design, has solidified its position as India's premier firm, entrusted by over 50 esteemed brands. Our dedication to crafting unique and engaging exhibition spaces transforms your brand vision into a captivating reality. We understand the pivotal role of exhibition stalls in brand storytelling and customer engagement. By blending state-of-the-art design techniques with a deep understanding of brand ethos, we ensure that each stall is not just a structure but a vibrant, interactive canvas that reflects the essence of your brand. Our team, comprising industry-leading experts, is committed to delivering designs that are aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior. Our portfolio spans a diverse range of industries, each project a testament to our ability to innovate and adapt to different brand narratives and audience engagements.

Blending Creativity and Quality into Your Brand

At Launchdome, we redefine the synergy between creativity and quality in exhibition stall design. Our designs are tailored to encapsulate the unique spirit of your brand, ensuring a memorable impact on your audience. We integrate cutting-edge design techniques with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every project stands out with its distinctive charm.

  • Tailored design solutions for unique brand identities
  • Innovative and engaging stall concepts
  • State-of-the-art design and fabrication techniques
  • Attention to detail in every aspect of design
  • Collaboration with clients to reflect the brand ethos
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly design options
  • Adaptive designs for diverse industry needs
  • High-impact visual storytelling in stall layouts
  • Seamless integration of technology and design
  • Exceptional customer service and support

What Makes Launchdome the Best Exhibition Stall Designer in India?

Launchdome's ascension as India's leading exhibition stall designer stems from our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of exhibition design's art and science, ensuring every stall we create is a masterpiece of creativity and functionality.

  • Unparalleled expertise in exhibition stall design
  • Innovative integration of brand narrative and design
  • Commitment to quality and excellence
  • Advanced technology and materials usage
  • Proven track record with leading brands
  • Personalized service from concept to completion

Comprehensive Solutions for Exhibition Stall Design

Launchdome offers comprehensive solutions in exhibition stall design, seamlessly blending creativity with functionality. Our holistic approach ensures every aspect of your stall, from concept to construction, is handled with utmost precision and care. We focus on creating spaces that are not just visually stunning but also highly practical, ensuring a memorable and impactful brand presence at every exhibition.

3D Stall Design

Transforming concepts into accurate visualisations, our 3D stall designs offer immersive brand experiences.

Exhibition Stand Design

Crafting stands that not only showcase your brand but become a focal point of engagement.

Exhibitions Booth Design

Our booth designs blend individuality, innovation and functionality, tailored to your brand's unique story.

Exhibition Stall Fabrication

From vision to execution, our fabrication process ensures precision and excellence in every detail.

Exhibition Stand Builder

Building stands that are not only visually striking but are also a testament to quality and innovation.

Experience Booth Construction

Constructing experiences that resonate with audiences, turning your booth into a journey of discovery.


An exhibition, as the name suggests, is a showcase of your brand and offerings! As part of a large event or exhibition, your visual presence and the brand messaging within makes all the impact. Lets showcase your strengths and display your differentiation to the attending audience. We hand hold you right from the conceptualization, to designs and creation and then the successful installations of your stalls and kiosk. So you can go on with your schedule, while take care of your brand’s impactful presence in the exhibition.

Want to communicate stronger? Need that edge?

Its a competitive world and events like the recent pandemic can have major impacts on business, and how you perform. The way the world now thinks is the new normal! Have you evolved or are you still lingering in the older memories? Let us help activate the right events and moments of impactful interactions and communication to propel you higher. Discuss your next product launch, team building, virtual event and CSR with us! Let us get your brand messaging the reach it deserves.

Most definitely, the most important part of any event is its concept, and plans to execute the same. At LaunchDome, we conduct a thorough analysis of you as a brand and what you expect from the event. The event is not just an event. It is aimed for something larger in mind! The messaging, the vision and the goal of the event is what we have in mind, and not just the execution of the process!

The process of realizing the actual event is preceded by collating the information and resources and getting it all together. The event itself then needs the right coordination and amplification of the important stakeholders in the event. The right things at the right time, make all the difference. The impact needs to be visible and right! Yes, LaunchDome helps you execute your plans to perfection.