Virtual events are in. As the world got swarmed by Corono Virus and the ensuing global lockdowns forced individuals and businesses indoors, it was not practical to hold events and exhibitions. The Virtual events became the new normal and the events industry faced some new challenges. At LaunchDome we Integrate events as realistically to provide a business centric approach. Explore a range of Virtual Events with us. From real feel exhibitions to seamless, easy communication and displays, we do it all. Wondering how? Lets talk.

Want to communicate stronger? Need that edge?

Its a competitive world and events like the recent pandemic can have major impacts on business, and how you perform. The way the world now thinks is the new normal! Have you evolved or are you still lingering in the older memories? Let us help activate the right events and moments of impactful interactions and communication to propel you higher. Discuss your next product launch, team building, virtual event and CSR with us! Let us get your brand messaging the reach it deserves.

Using the latest technology, we are able to reach a large audience in an uninterrupted seamless manner. Webinars – from 10 people to 100,000 people possible? Yes, absolutely.

Fill up the experience of your event with workshops, keynote speakers, presentations and lectures. View how virtual breakout sessions allow you the audience impact you seek!

The world is not only offline or only online. There are certain parts that get covered with an advantage, either in online or the offline world! Our events combine the two worlds for you.

Yes, conferences are now changing their face. Pandemic or beyond, use the power of the digital world to conduct conferences, and garner larger audiences without the hassle of a physical presence. We promise you an almost physical experience virtually.